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TITLE: Communications Specialist (Part Time – 20 Hours per Week) 
JOB OBJECTIVE: Individual is responsible for designing and implementing marketing and
communications programs and promoting awareness of the goals and
activities of the organization on behalf of the SWCD Board of
Supervisors.  Individual reports to the SWCD District Administrator.
• Plans and directs the overall public information program to advance and maintain
favorable public and cooperator perceptions of the SWCD, its programs, products and
services, accomplishments, and goals as directed by the SWCD District Administrator
in conjunction with the SWCD Board of Supervisors;
• Identify audience groups and determine the best way to reach them;
• Confer with staff and board members in planning, preparing, disseminating, and
evaluating an effective communications program through the use of news releases,
brochures, newsletters, online communications, written  materials, special reports,
displays, etc;
• Responds to requests for information from the media or  designate an appropriate
information source;
• Coordinates with staff and board members to facilitate informational meetings,
workshops, and presentations for the general public to  promote soil and water
conservation, increase awareness and to promote goodwill;
• Attends meetings on behalf of the SWCD Board Supervisors and makes presentations
on related issues to various audiences;
• Serves as a resource person for information on positive public presentation of the
SWCD, its programs and activities;
• Develop and maintain the SWCD corporate image and identity, using logos, signage
and other means; 
• Coordinates and responds to Ohio Public Records Act and Ohio Sunshine Law
requests and advises staff about provisions of Ohio meeting and public records laws;
• Coordinates strategic planning initiatives with the SWCD Board of Supervisors
recommending direction and working with the SWCD District Administrator in
making decisions on allocating resources to pursue goals;
• Continues proficiency in the subject area through professional continuing education; • Any other duties as assigned by the SWCD District Administrator or SWCD Board of
Performs related Essential and Non-Essential functions as needed. 
Equipment:  Ability to operate a variety of office equipment such as a computer and
related software ( Microsoft Office Suite, Front Page Adobe Photoshop,
Pagemaker, etc.), copier, typewriter, telephone, calculator, scanner, FAX
machine, VCR, digital projector, and other equipment necessary to
perform duties.
Critical Skills/Expertise:
* Thorough knowledge of related governmental policies and procedures, to
include federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations, including but not
limited to, the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code, Administrative
Procedure Manual, and legal processes and remedies;
 * Thorough knowledge of SWCD policies and procedures;
* Thorough knowledge of journalism to include news  writing, reporting, and
* Thorough knowledge of effective communication skills including multi-media
* Demonstrates a comprehensive and professional knowledge of public
administration, government structure and process, employee relations; office
practices and procedures conflict management and public relations;
* Demonstrates thorough knowledge of strategic planning  methods and
strategies including creative and innovative thinking; 
* Ability to layout materials following standard marketing concepts;
* Ability to prepare and deliver public presentations to specialized audiences and
the general public;
* Ability to use proper research methods in gathering data;
* Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
* Possesses and demonstrates strong leadership and judgment abilities, conflict
management skills and effective decision making abilities; 
* Ability to handle sensitive inquires from and contacts with Officials and the
general public. * Knowledge of excellent writing and grammar skills;
* Ability to work effectively with clients who may be  upset, distraught, irate,
emotionally or mentally or otherwise unable to function  within reasonable
range of constructive behaviors;
 * Ability to define and solve problems, collect data, establish facts, draw valid
conclusions using judgment, and analytical skills;
 * Ability to organize and maintain large volumes of information and paperwork; 
* Ability to work independently, under pressure, and to set and achieve goals; 
* Ability to effectively plan independently and in collaboration with other staff
units and outside agencies.
Job Standards: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, public relations or
related field or a minimum of five years related work experience;
qualifications which evidence an advanced knowledge of public relations,
government structure and process, and demonstrable persuasive writing
and organization skills. Documented successful experience as a public
information officer or CEO for a public entity or private organization with
high public profile and/or documented successful experience as a
reporter or producer with a large market news media organization
considered a plus.  Must possess a valid Ohio driver’s license and have an
acceptable driving record. Individual must have the ability to safely
operate a motor vehicle and maintain the qualifications to drive a motor
vehicle for SWCD business as a continued condition of employment.
Work consists of complex, varied, standardized and non-standardized tasks requiring
application of numerous laws, rules, regulations, and procedures.  Individual is
required to provide technical assistance to staff personnel on programs, policies, the
interrelationship of programs under moderately complex and difficult situations. 
Assigned job duties require technical competence and  a high degree of trust,
confidence, reliance, integrity and fidelity.  It requires the individual to be continually
aware of changes occurring which must be learned and passed on to staff. 
Procedures must be developed for implementing changes at the local level.
SWCD District Administrator provides general guidance  allowing the individual the
ability to plan the procedures and methods to attain objectives.  Individual operates
independent of supervision in handling daily operations, normally receiving
administrator’s input when needed.  Individual is responsible for administrative and
fiduciary functions and acts for and on behalf of the  Delaware SWCD Board of
Supervisors.  Individual initiates discretionary action using independent judgment
and leadership abilities.  Errors in work may cause inaccuracies in reports, records,
or technical data resulting in inaccurate or incomplete information, or false statements given to the general public which may result in fiscal sanction or litigation
against the SWCD.
Contact is with co-workers, employees from public and  private sector organizations
and the general public.  The purpose of these contacts is to guide and direct, check on
progress of work assigned, coordinating services, answering questions and gathering
research data to make recommendations and handle questions about department,
programs and client concerns.
Requirements: Individual performs sedentary work which may require lifting up
to twenty-five (25) pounds occasionally.
Physical Activity: Individual performs the following physical activities: walking,
standing, hearing, and talking.
Visual Activity: Individual performs work where the seeing job is close to the eyes.  
Job Location: Individual works inside with little or no exposure to  adverse
environmental conditions. ************************************************************************************
I acknowledge that the above description is a representation of the major duties and
responsibilities of this position.
Employee  Date
Employee’s Supervisor  Date
Wage:   TBD
FLSA Status:  Exempt
Civil Service Status: Unclassified
Adopted by Resolution: 1/15/2013

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