Thursday, January 19, 2012

Digital Journalist--NBC-4

January 12,2012
Marilyn Williams
Center' for Career Planning
Westerville, OH 43081
Dear Mar ilyn Williams,
3165 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202
),~N 182GB
WCMH-TV NBC4 is an Equal Opportunity Employer, From time to time, we have job openings at
our organization, which require a variety of skills and talents, We encourage members of minority groups
and women to apply for these openings, and we seek your help in referring minorities and women to us,
We currently have the following job opening:
Digital lournalist
NBC 4 (WCMH-TV) is an NBC affiliate of the Media General Inc, is looking for a Digital Journalist to join
the newsroom team, A Digital Journalist is responsible for developing and nurturing local news contacts.
developing unique stories. covering breaking news and following up on news stories" A DJ develops the
story. shoots. writes and edits the story. and is responsible for its presentation on multiple media
platforms" The candidates for this position must have a passion for' advocacy on the part of the customer', It
is critical that a Digital Journalist be a highly motivated individual who is well versed in the rules of
journalism. capable of working in a self directed environment and able to exercise a high level of creativity.
innovation and enterprise when creating stories for presentation across multiple media delivery platforms,
Qualified candidates will have a B A or B" S, from an accredited college or university, Exceptions to the
educational requirements could be made to candidates with strong professional experience or skills in a
critical coverage area of interest, 2-5 years experience working as a reporter or photojournalist for a local
newspaper; television station. radio station or website or demonstrated expertise in an assigned subject or
geographic area, Experience should include a demonstration of writing. shooting and editing skills or a clear
propensity to learn and acquire the necessary skills and abilities to perform the duties aSSOciated with the
job, Clear driving record and a valid driver's license for the state where most of the work is performed is a
must, To apply. please send your resume to WCMH-TV HR. 3165 Olentangy River Road. Columbus. Ohio
43202; email your resume to wcmhhr@wcmh"com or apply online at www,mediageneral,com Background
check and drug screen requir'ed, EOE M/FNID
If you know of persons. particularly minority group members andlor women. who might be
interested in working at our station. please do no hesitate to refer them directly to me
It would be especially helpful if you would remind your referrals to list your organization I agency
as their referral source, Thank you for your assistance,
Reema Karmi. PHR
Human Resources Director
NBC4 I Phone 614 263 4444 I nbc4icom
A Media General Company

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