Tuesday, November 17, 2015


From: Lloyd, Eric <elloyd@otterbein.edu>
Date: Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Honda of America - Honda Marysville & Roush Honda
To: Denise Shively <dshively@otterbein.edu>, Kerry Strayer <kstrayer@otterbein.edu>, Dawn Stewart <dstewart@otterbein.edu>, Joan Rocks <JRocks@otterbein.edu>
Cc: Ashley Strausser <astrausser@otterbein.edu>, Lavona See <lsee@otterbein.edu>, Mark Moffitt <MMoffitt@otterbein.edu>, Ryan Brechbill <rbrechbill@otterbein.edu>

Hello to each of You!
I, along with Lavona See and Mark Moffitt, attended a meeting two weeks ago with Honda of America and the Honda Marysville dealership. The meeting outlined an internship/employment program that Honda of America is implementing with 12 Visionary dealerships in the US. Two of them are Honda Marysville and Roush Honda. The plan is to hire two individuals per dealership that have either graduated or will be graduating in December 2015, as well as alumni or current graduate students.

Honda will hire four people total for a January 2016 start - all from Otterbein. The overall goal is to take these hires through an extensive sales program, in tandem with the dealerships, to develop solid sales consultants. They also want to eliminate the perception that car sales is only if you have no other job options.
That being said, a job description, including some content regarding the solid opportunities and culture at dealerships, is being developed for us. I know the turnaround on this is tight, so I would like to reach out to each of you, directly, to see if anyone is interested. 
The great thing is the dealerships are seeking talent, as they have additional positions that students may have access to in the future, and this initiative will be open to more central Ohio dealerships after this initial pilot with Marysville and Roush.
I hope all of this make sense. Please let me, or Ryan and Ashley, know if you have any interested students. They are looking for students with strong communication skills, as well as hard work and dedication attributes.
Thank you,

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