Thursday, April 26, 2012


Executive Assistant to our CEO/Customer Advocate/Charitable Giving Coordinator/Event Request Intake...Yes, that is all one job. We are looking for a big brain. Smart. Dedicated. Reliable. Gushing with positive energy. Confident. Trustworthy. Preferably with a strong academic background in writing or communications. Able to work both collaboratively and independently, take direction well while also able to act as an independent thinker, and adapt to a myriad of tasks. Such tasks will include but are not limited to scheduling appointments, working directly with media contacts and high-level executives outside the company, managing and coordinating travel, keeping the office in clean and functioning order, answering customer questions, and planning and coordinating special company events. Interested applicants should also expect to brew endless pots of coffee; this high-energy and humor-filled office runs on it. Unfortunately, the compensation does not equal the skill and tasks. This is for the person not motivated by money - at least in the short-term, but for someone who will enjoy the day-to-day craziness of a little company dedicated to making the best ice creams possible, making people feel good and making the world a better place. Serious applicants, please email your resume and cover letter to

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